Top 15+ Best Free Sports Streaming Websites to Watch Sports Online

Free sports streaming sites are the new trend of the internet today. With increasing demand for sport in today’s youth, many websites came forward to offer free live sports solutions. With the busy schedule most people have nowadays, it is impossible for people to make time for watching live sports. So they rely on these best sport streaming sites. Well if you are also a sports fan who doesn’t have enough time to stick to TV then this blog spot is just for you. Today we are discussing all about the best sport streaming sites which are completely free to use. You can use these sports streaming sites to watch live football, cricket, hockey and other sports as well.

Best Free Sports Streaming Websites

With the boom of internet access to people in the modern era, it is very easy to stream your favorite shows in full time. No matter if you’re a student or an employee, these free sports streaming sites are completely free to use. So without a further due, let’s start with the list of best sport streaming sites.

Top 15+ Best Live Sports Streaming Websites to Watch Sports Online Free

Sr. No.Sports Streaming SitesAvailability
1VIP LeagueWorking
2Watch ESPNWorking
5Hotstar SportsWorking
6Batman StreamWorking
7Sony LIV SportsWorking
8FirstRow SportsWorking
15Yahoo SportsWorking
19Sport LEMONWorking

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So in this particular blog post, we are listing out our favorite and best sports streaming sites which you can use to for live match streaming. All the websites in this list are free to use. Most of them don’t even need to sign up as well. So they are available 24/7 just for your entertainment only.

Note: You may not be able to access some of the websites due to restriction from your Internet Service Provider. So you can use any VPN to unlock so. Now getting back to business, free sports streaming sites yeyy!

#1 VIP League

VIP League is another free live sports portal where you can stream many sports like cricket, football, hockey, cycling, etc. Apart from that, this site offers multi-language streaming including the popular ones including Francis, Deutsch, English etc. You can also have a look at their upcoming sports event to catch a glimpse of upcoming matches. You can change the theme as well as the time zone of the website. This is an exceptionally handy and important feature in live match streaming sites. If you go to their homepage, you will see various categories like Basketball, football, baseball, hocket etc.

#3 Watch ESPN

Watch ESPN is the official live sports streaming site by ESPN. Ths site is mostly blocked in many countries so you might need to use a free VON service in order to access it. Anyways, coming on the features of this website. Its fast, responsive and easy to use. Also it the official site, so you will be able to stream all the sports events in full HD quality. Moreover, WatchESPN has its official Android and iOS app also so that you can enjoy live streaming of sports on your android phone also.


Stream2watch is probably one of the biggest live sports streaming portal available for free. You can use it to stream all sports events for free. On their homepage, you will be able to check out all the latest sports events going on. The best thing about this website is the availability. Most of the sports events are available on multiple channels. So if one channel/server is not working for you then you can try the other one. You will be able to see all the match details in real time. The site’s main income source is through advertisements, so consider disabling your adblocker before accessing this particular website.

#4 FromHot

FromHot is another sport live streaming website which you need to know about. It offers free live sports on various games like football, hockey, tennis, basketball, baseball, etc. The interface of this website is very minimal and clean. You will not find any annoying ads as well. You can also easily search for your desired game event buy searching it via search options.

#5 Hotstar Sports

This live sports streaming site is owned by Star India. So if you’re an Indian and want to enjoy some live Indian sports then this site is for you. Also, this site has a modern UI so you will like it too. Also, it has a dedicated Android and iOS app. So you can also enjoy their services on a smartphone. Hotstar has got huge popularity in India because of its lots of free content.

#6 Batman Stream

So do you like Batman? Well yes, then you will like Batman stream as well. You will not find any batman style games here but you will surely find some great sport live streaming for sure. You can stream for multiple games like Football, NFL, Baseball, Handball, Hockey, Basketball, Motorsports etc. The best part about Batman stream is that you can stream everything for free.

#7 Sony LIV Sports

Best Live Sports Streaming Sites

Sony liv is a legal site to catch all the latest updates for live streaming of games. You can stream various sports like tennis, football, cricket, basketball etc. You can also learn about the latest updates in the game world from this website.

#8 FirstRow Sports

FirstRow sports is another free live sports which you can use for free. You can stream your favorite sports easily for free.  This site is great for people who have a slow internet connection. This is because FirstRow ports use a special server which is compatible with slow internet speeds as well.

#9 Laola1

Laola1 is one of the best sports streaming sites you can use if you want the best streaming experience. There are many non-major sports streaming as well for games like hockey, volleyball, table tennis, etc. So if you are fond of one of such underrated games then you can try this site out. Also, the website is free to use and you don’t need to register as well. Laola1 is very easy to use with a friendly user interface.


Bosscast is a free sports streaming site where you can watch live football. You can also select your time zone and watch matches accordingly. You will find a lot fo popular sports other than football on this site. It covers many minor sorts as well. Like soccer, rugby, volleyball, etc. Bosscast also allows the user to interact with other using the inbuilt chat systems as well. So you can make friends while enjoying the free sports stream.

More sites to watch free sports online

We already covered the best 10 free sports streaming websites. However, if you’re looking for more then there are 5 more to explore. You can use these websites for free and they don’t even need a sign up too. So enjoy!

#11 Stream Woop:

It’s a free sports streaming site which works efficiently on slow networks. So if you have a slow internet connection but still want to watch live football, then switch to stream woop.

#12 All Sport Live:

They offer almost all kind of sports. from volleyball, rugby to top games like football.


It is cricket special free sports streaming site. If you have a special liking to a cricket game, then you will love this.

#14 FootyWire:

FootyWire is another best and free site on which you can watch live sports for free. Moreover, you can also watch highlight videos for free.

#15 Yahoo Sports:

It’s a free sports streaming service by Yahoo. There’s nothing special about it but yeah, if other sites are not working in your area, then you can switch to this one.

So These are some of the famous and best Online Sports Live Streaming Websites 2018 where you can watch your favorite sports online for free. If you want to add add any good Sports Streaming website in list please let us know in the comments section below.  Kindly share it with your friends via social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus etc.


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