Top 12 Sites Like Coke And Popcorn You Must Try for Watching Movies

There are endless ways of watching movies online for free. However, the best way to watch a movie is streaming it online. Such way you don’t have to download the movie and can enjoy the movie whenever you want. However, people struggle to find some good websites to stream online movies. This is because all sites are not equally good when it comes to movie streaming. Only a few sites are good at these and one of them is Coke and Popcorns. They offer high-quality TV series and movies which you can enjoy to kill time. However, the sad news is that Coke and popcorn is shut down by its administrators. So users are searching for good coke and popcorn alternatives.

Top 12 Sites Like Coke And Popcorn | Coke and Popcorn Alternatives

Today in this blog post, we are talking about coke and popcorn alternatives where you can stream online movies and TV shows. Since the original site is down and no more accessible, we need to use websites like coke and popcorn to fulfill our needs. So today we will give you a list of top 12 websites like cokeandpopcorn which you can instead of the original one. So without a further do, let’s start with our list.

Here are the best alternatives for coke and popcorn movie website

1. Vumoo

Vumoo is another amazing site for coke and popcorn movies. This site basically is for movie lovers who want to stream unlimited movies online. Whenever any movie releases, its first update comes from this site only. The user interface of this site is also very friendly and easy to use.


There are many proxy sites for Vumoo. This is because of the piracy issue that most of the government agencies constantly keep an eye on such website. But do not worry. If the link given down below doesn’t work, then you can search for the term “Vumoo proxy site” and use one from them instead.

2. SolarMovie

SolarMovie is one of the best coke and popcorn alternatives we can think of. It has an amazing search engine which makes it easier to find or explore new movies in various categories. All the Tv shows and movies are available in high quality. If you visit the homepage, you will see the latest and trending tv shows at the current time. The collection of movies and Tv shows on SolarMovie is quite large. You cant get more titles or variety non-other than SolarMovie. So if you’re a fan of streaming online Tv shows and movies, then give this site a try. You will definitely love it!


3. Showbox

Showbox is less like a website but more like a mobile application. If you want to stream movies or Tv shows on the go, then Showbox will be one of the best coke and popcorn alternatives you can hold for. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices.


The app holds a plethora of movie titles which will keep you busy all day long. You have the control for video quality as well. In case you have a slow internet then you can lower down the quality of the video and still enjoy the streaming.

4. Popcorn Flix

Popcorn Flix is another one of the best coke and popcorn alternatives. the website is very easy to use with an attractive theme on top of it. They have a huge collection of Tv shows and movies. You will never get boredom while streaming from this site.

They have multiple movies spread across multiple genres like action, horror, romance, comedy etc. So you will find all kind of movies on this site in a neatly arranged manner.

popcornflix - Watch TV Episodes and Movies Online

5. Movie Zion

MovieZion is an obvious name as far as it is concerned for the services it provides. However, it is one of many websites like coke and popcorn were you can stream movies for free. You don’t even need to register on site to stream. Simply open the website, choose a movie or search for one and start streaming. That’s how easy it is.

The content on this website is up to date. So if you’re into streaming international movies then this is a great pic. You will get the latest updates on upcoming movies as well. And you don’t find the movies which you are looking for, then you can send them a mail and they will provide you with the movie.

6. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is a very popular site to stream anime and animated movies. However, they also host Tv shows and movies. So if you already have a Crunchyroll subscription, you can try their services as well. They offer great streaming speeds and unmatched video quality.

7. BigStar Movies

Bigstar movies is another great coke and popcorn alternatives which you can utilize to stream online movies. It gives you an endless stream of Tv shows and movies as per our taste.

You can choose the streaming quality and you can even download them as per your requirement. You literally don’t have to pay anything as the entire site is completely free to use.


Viewster is a very popular alternative to cokeandpopcorn site. It has all the functions and services which were present in the original cokeandpopcorn site. So if you’re a huge fan of the original Coke and popcorn site then you can try this site as well.

Viewster - Watch Free Movies Online


Viewster is completely free to use and it doesn’t have any hidden fees involved. However, there are some advertisements on the page.


If you’re looking for some good websites like coke and popcorn then Yidio is the perfect site for you. It makes a great cokeandpopcorn alternative and is quite reliable too. There is a huge collection of movies and Tv shows on this site that you will never run out of options. Also, the website is completely free to use without any commitment or subscriptions.

10. Tubi TV

TubiTv is a very popular website where you can stream or download movies for free. It makes a very good alternative to coke and popcorn because of its advanced features. TubiTv has a huge database of movies and Tv shows. So you have plenty of titles to watch.

10. Putlocker

Putlocker - Free Streaming Video


Putlocker came early in 2011 and is rocking since then. It has got a huge fanbase where they watch free movies and tv shows on this website. However, in most countries, this website is blocked due to privacy concerns. So you can try out Putlocker alternatives or Putlocker proxy sites to use this.

11. 123Movies

If you’re looking for coke and popcorn movies then 123movies should be your final destination. 123Movies holds the biggest movie database of all other websites. You will find all kind of movies on this website ranging from comedy, romance, fiction, sci-fi, mystery, thriller, crime, love, vampire, etc.

12. FMovies

Fmovies - Watch Your Favorite Movies OnlineFmovies - Watch Your Favorite Movies Online

Fmovies is another leading coke and popcorn alternatives where you can stream online movies for free. It is a phenomenal streaming website, especially for watching movies. There are multiple domains for this particular site. So in case one doesn’t work, then you can google the name of the website and use which comes first instead. Fmovies is completely free to use with no advertisements what so ever. So you don’t need to worry about annoying as while streaming for movies.

Other Website Similar To Coke and Popcorn







I really hope you like Best Coke and Popcorn Alternatives. So whether you wish to stay notified or wish to follow the latest updates about movies to Watch Your Favorite Movies Online for free. These Coke and Popcorn movie similar sites will help you gain all the updates will computing in your spare time. So what other would you like to add to the blog above? Leave your comments below and we will be happy to add them to the post above.

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