5 Best KickAss Torrents Alternatives That You Must Try (2018 Updated)

Best KickAss Torrents Alternatives: After the shutdown of two massive torrent provider networks Kickass torrents and ExtraTorrent, people have no idea where to go. With increasing demands of new torrent downloads, people are holding on to kickass proxy sites. However, at some point, they are also going to be shut down by government agencies. So, you need to know these 5 best Kickass Torrents alternatives to keep you ready if sometimes happens. Also, these kickass alternatives are as good as the original Kickass proxy site. You will get a plethora of new torrents ranging from movies, games, music, and whatnot.

5 Best KickAss Torrents Alternatives That You Must Try

After the massive breakdown of kickass unblocked users when they heard the news about kickass being banned by the government, they couldn’t stop their tears. However, there is still high demands for new torrents including new movies, games, music, software, etc. So it is very important for users to know about Kickass mirror Torrent alternatives from which they can access kickass unblocked torrent downloads.

2016 was a big year for torrent downloaders and sharers. As in 2016, the world’s most popular torrent database website, Kickass torrents was shut down by government authorities. Another blow was waiting as the world most popular torrents search engine – Torrentz was unexpectedly shut down by government authorities. This was a sad day as future of torrenting was not looking so promising. However, don’t worry as today we will be providing a list of best kickass torrents alternatives so that you can enjoy downloading torrents.

List of best Kickass Torrents Alternatives – Similar Websites to KAT

So here we will give you details about some of the best Kickass torrents alternatives. You can choose either one of them depending on the torrent downloading speeds and overall user experience with the site. So without a further do, let us start with our list of Best Kickass Torrents Alternatives.

The Pirate Bay

If you were a regular user of a kickass torrent website then there are some chances that you already know this site. The pirate bay was another torrent downloading hub back in 2016 when kickass torrents were acting as the king of torrent business. However, when some torrents were not available in Kickass, people used to come to The Pirate Bay site in search for torrent downloads.

The site became so popular than, it also got several bans and server drawbacks in an attempt to close the site. However, the site still operates and you can download latest torrent download there. The Pirate Bay is easy to use, have very less amount of ads in its interface. This makes it user-friendly and less spammy. So any users are loving The Pirate Bay once again. There are a number of torrents downloading options. It also shows current active torrents along with their seeders and leechers. This makes it very convenient to choose between torrent downloads.


RarBG is another great alternative to kickass mirror sites. It started as a BitTorrent tracker back in 2008. Afer that, they upgraded their services to provide torrent files and magnets links. At that moment they were serving over 300,000 users with latest torrent downloads every day! The reason for their huge success is their easy to use website. They don’t have any fake download buttons which ultimately lands you on advertisements. Instead, they provide clean torrent downloads along with their magnet URL. This makes it easier to download torrents right away.

Even though they provide an excellent torrent downloading facility, many government authorities are trying hard to block them permanently. RarBG is already banned in Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Portugal, and India. However, you can still use a VPN with a USA proxy in order to access their servers.


YTS.ag is another popular kickass mirror alternative which is equally good as the original Kickass Torrents. It started as a BitTorrent tracker, but eventually, it gains a lot of user fan base. So it also started giving torrent links to famous movies. The site operates in the same manner as The Pirate Bay or RarBG. However, YTS.ag only specializes in movies content. If your main requirement is to download torrent movies, then YTG.ag is the perfect spot for you.

Since it is a movie downloading torrent website, you won’t find irrelevant results while searching for a movie. This also decreases the chances of getting a potential threat or malware. YTS.ag provides movies in 72op, 1080p, and even 3D movies as well. You can’t go wrong with YTS.ag in terms of movie downloading.


133X is another great kickass proxy alternatives site which emerged recently and gaining popularity overnights. 133X was founded in 2007 but wasn’t doing great as they were not getting much traffic. However, they started doing search engine optimization and did a massive revamp over their site. Since then their site is doing great and they are providing free movie downloads to many users. 1337X provides movies, Tv shows, games, software, music, audiobooks, etc.

The user interface is not a very strong side of 1337X, as you will see a ton lot of ads when you visit the site personally. However, if you keep the ads aside or use an adblocker, then you can easily search up your favorite movies and download them as well.


Zoogle is new to torrent downloading business, however, it is doing great since its first launch. It shares peer to peer torrent downloads for its userbase. However, you can not download or access any torrent directly until and unless you create an account on Zoogle. The interface is quite modern and fast. There is a very limited number of advertisements which makes the website clean and responsive. Zoogle offers all kind of torrent downloads including movies, games, tv shows, software, music, documents, books etc. You name it, they have it. Also, zoogle is an excellent way to download tv shows and movies as they have the latest torrent downloads for movies. Even it is quite a new website, they are still a good kickass unblocked alternative site.

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